Welcome to my World of Wonderment

Our planet is a neat place, full of weird and unusual people doing weird and unusual things. One oddball thing I like to do is geocache. What other activity is there that makes people travel hundreds of miles to climb a mountain, wade a river, and fight a Bigfoot, just to be the first person to sign a piece of paper rolled up in a 35mm film canister stuffed in the knot hole of a tree? I can't think of any other sport that has such a great mix of technology and the wonderful outdoors. A lot of geocaches are placed in a beautiful setting, or hidden in a challenging or unique way, or in a historical setting. Geocaching allows the finder to share in some of the hiders favorite places, and along the way you get to meet some interesting characters, and occasionally learn something new. While this blog is primarily a geocaching blog, I also use this place to post the occasional funny video or weird news story, or as a platform to rant or rave about something I really have to share. But for the most part this website is about you, the weirdo walking around in circles, talking into your GPS unit like it's a phone, pretending your taking pictures of a phone booth to find find the tiniest micro-cache, or circling your car around and around a light pole in a parking lot trying to retrieve a cache without even getting out of your car.


The Right to Assembly

This is down right scary. Jack booted thugs detaining people for no reason other than they were peacefully assembled. The Supreme Court has said that "the right to peaceable assembly is a right cognate to those of free speech and free press and is equally fundamental." And is a right "that cannot be denied without violating those fundamental principles which lie at the base of all civil and political institutions." And according the the Supreme Court, it is imperative to protect the right to peaceful assembly, even for those with whose speech we diasagree. "in order to maintain the opportunity for free political discussion, to the end that government may be responsive to the will of the people and that changes, if desired, may be obtained by peaceful means."

If it wasn't for protest in the 1960's, Barack Obama wouldn't have the opportunity he has now of becoming the next President of the United States. What if the leaders of the civil rights movement had been told, no you can't protest here, but you can protest over there, it's a free speech zone. The whole United States is free speech zone.

Here you have a bunch of white privileged kids getting pepper sprayed. Unfortunately worse things happened in the 60's. . In 1964 in Selma, Alabama a Circuit Court Judge said that it was illegal for more than 2 people to assemble and talk about voters rights. After six months of this repression the civil rights leaders planned on marching from Selma to Montgomery in a peaceful protest, but the governor said it would be a threat to public safety. State troopers gassed the marchers, and then attacked them with clubs and whips.

A government of the people, that tries to censor it's people, is not a government of the people.